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Today’s world can be tough on pastors and church leaders (and their families). is here to help. It is our goal to  inspire, encourage, and equip you, from home to study to pulpit. We want to partner with you in more effective ministry.

  • Find helpful ministry resources, articles, how-to’s, and new ideas on a regular basis.
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PULP1T Magazine

Encouragement for Pastors

The first issue of PULP1T magazine is now available. Pastoring is never an easy job, and PULP1T is designed to encourage, support, and equip pastors ministering in a complex culture. Confronting racism: When Tom McCullough spoke on racism at the 2015 national convention, his humble call to acknowledge, confront, and discard racism for the sake of the gospel struck a chord. Free Will Baptists have a rich history of standing for the rights of the oppressed, yet it is crucial for each succeeding generation to look within, to ruthlessly root out any vestige of prejudice that would hinder the work of the gospel. // read more…