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Redefining Discipleship

A call for discipleship beyond entry-level Christianity.

by J. Matthew Pinson

Recently I heard Christian cultural analyst Ken Myers say something that shocked and saddened me: When many evangelicals talk about the Great Commission, what they really mean is not the Great Commission in Matthew 28, but getting people to make an initial salvation decision. Myers said that nowhere does the Bible command us to make “sheer believers” or “mere Christians.” […]

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In Defense of Doctrine

by J. Matthew Pinson

Doubts About Doctrine

Adherents of the Emerging Church argue that doctrine is not as important as evangelicals have made it. How you live is what’s important, they say—not the details of what you believe. This is especially true when it comes to denominational doctrines that are not essential to salvation. […]

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Moral Earthquakes

By David Sutton

In 1989, an expectant crowd was listening to the national anthem at beautiful Park in San Francisco. The stadium was filled to capacity, and everyone was there to have a good time watching the Oakland As and the San Francisco Giants compete in game three of the World Series.

About halfway through the national anthem, the ground beneath the stadium began to shake furiously to the shock and dismay of the crowd. Thousands of crazed fans, fearing the stadium might collapse beneath them, stampeded from the stands. In the following moments, all around the San Francisco Bay area, bridges were falling, freeways were wobbling, homes toppling, and entire neighborhoods were set ablaze. […]

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Political Outrage: Balancing Social Ills and the Gospel Imperative

By Brent Nix

I just got off the phone with someone who tried to convince me that I should be outraged enough about a recent political scandal to send money to support an effort to do something or other about it.

After listening for a couple of minutes, I hung up. Rude, you say? Perhaps, but I’m growing weary with these kinds of calls. The sad part is that I’m generally in agreement with the groups who are calling. I guess that’s why I’m on their lists. This small episode brings to mind a question I’ve been contemplating for some time. What is the responsibility of the Iocal church and individual Christians with regard to social reform? […]

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Guidelines for Digital Ministry

By Jeff Crabtree

The Church is in the world…of computers. Most church leaders realize the Internet and other forms of digital communication hold great potential for personal ministry. Ministry updates take seconds instead of weeks. Urgent prayer requests, devotional materials and good humor can be shared with a few keystrokes. As you dive into the world of digital ministry, consider the following practical suggestions. […]

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Memorable Media

In this information age, when the church competes with Internet, television, video games, and smart phones for the attention of the congregation, how can you capture the attention of your readers? The church must develop attention-grabbing, high impact material that meets the following criterion. […]

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