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Classic Sermon Index Launched

On November 12, 2013, Free Will Baptist pastor Paul Harrison launched, a website housing a vast collection of historical sermons. The 42,000 sermons date as far back as the second century and are indexed by primary biblical text for simple searching. Each sermon is cataloged according to its principal text, author, book title, […]

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Sermon Resources

The young pastor must be a preacher! Preaching demands preparation–adequate preparation, Holy Spirit-anointed preparation, preparation that produces spiritual fruit. Such fruit does not just happen. The young preacher absolutely must devote constant attention to sermon preparation. When one sermon is completed, the mind and heart must begin to plan the next message. Attention to sermon preparation and preaching can be divided into four essential categories.

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The View from the Pew

A layman calls for a return to biblical preaching.

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A Sermon On Sermons

No sermon is effective that does not lead to action. Surveys close that sermons rarely result in people taking the action implied or suggested in the sermon. Why? This article describes and analyzes some of the reasons.

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Preaching from the Word

Eight reasons to champion expository preaching

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What Happened to Hell?

There may be some exceptions, but I do not think anyone will question that there is not as much preaching about hell as there was a generation ago. Why?

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