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Green Tree Bible Study 12: The Christian Mind (A Study in Philippians)

By Dr. Robert E. Picirilli

In the last article I suggested the value of studying a theme through a portion of Scripture. We then looked at the theme of joy in the book of Philippians. Another major theme in Philippians concerns the Christian mind. One’s “mind” is the way he thinks, and that undergirds all behavior. We have to think Christianity before we can act it.

The basic word for mind in Greek is phroneo. This word occurs 12 times in Philippians. Whenever it appears, it is always a verb rather than a noun. And the Greek word is always translated “mind” or “think” except in its Philippians 4:10 appearance where it is translated “care” or “careful.”

There are four other verses in Philippians where different Greek words are used. These words might also be translated “think” or “mind.” These four instances are found in l:27, 2:20 (Psyche best translated “soul” or “self” ); 4:7 (Noema best translated “mental faculties”); and 4:8 (Logizomai best translated “consider”).

Paul is here concerned about the Christian way of thinking. Let’s look at the main characteristics of Christian as portrayed in Philippians. […]

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Moral Earthquakes

By David Sutton

In 1989, an expectant crowd was listening to the national anthem at beautiful Park in San Francisco. The stadium was filled to capacity, and everyone was there to have a good time watching the Oakland As and the San Francisco Giants compete in game three of the World Series.

About halfway through the national anthem, the ground beneath the stadium began to shake furiously to the shock and dismay of the crowd. Thousands of crazed fans, fearing the stadium might collapse beneath them, stampeded from the stands. In the following moments, all around the San Francisco Bay area, bridges were falling, freeways were wobbling, homes toppling, and entire neighborhoods were set ablaze. […]

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What Are You Looking At?

By Keith Burden

It had been a long week at graduate school. I was attending a modular course on the Free Will Baptist Bible College campus. The class had been practical and challenging, but 32 hours of instruction and interaction left me exhausted.

The session concluded Friday at noon. I decided to skip lunch and hit the road immediately. I slid under the steering wheel of my Dodge Colt station wagon and began the 12-hour trip home. If everything went well, I would arrive by midnight. […]

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Keep the Cat in the Bag

We need to be especially cautious when it comes to what we say about other people. As Christians and Free Will Baptists, we have a covenant responsibility “to be careful of one another’s happiness and reputation.” This applies to what we put in print as well as the words we speak.

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Do You Know Who I Am?

By Keith Burden

Some things are worse than dying. That was the conclusion I reached after watching my mother suffer from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. For years I erroneously believed this condition affected only the mind. Our experience proved otherwise. […]

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The Short Fuse

The Bible upholds this standard for all believers, but it is especially applicable to ministers of the gospel. In Titus 1:7-9, Paul outlines the qualifications of a bishop. Interestingly, among the many credentials he lists is the phrase, “not soon angry.” Clearly, the ministry is no place for short-fused individuals.

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