For Young Pastors

Veteran pastor Dennis Wiggs provides practical and invaluable advice for young ministers.

The Most Important Hour of the Day

The young pastor must learn early in the ministry the value of a daily quiet time with the Lord. George Mueller wrote, "l have known my Lord for 57 years, and there has never been a single day that I have failed to gain an audience with the King."

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Financial Principles

By Dennis Wiggs

The book of Proverbs contains wisdom for many areas of life. One important area, especially for the young pastor, is finances. The following 10 principles from Proverbs regard financial matters. […]

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How to Leave a Church

Today, pastors are staying longer at churches. But every pastorate eventually comes to a conclusion. Many reasons exist for departing—death, disability, resignation, retiring, losing a confidence vote, or being asked to leave. Leaving can be unpleasant for the pastor, his family, and the congregation. When the spiritual leader finds it necessary to leave a congregation, for whatever reason, scars may develop that affect the pastor or church for years. The young pastor owes it to himself, his family, and the church family to leave with as little fanfare as possible.

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The ABC’s of Pastoring

I want to put my advice into the simplest terms possible. You might call it the ABCs of pastoring.

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A pastor may hear more confessions than anyone else. It is essential to remember that a successful, fruitful ministry depends upon trust. Once trust has been damaged, it is almost impossible to restore. Confidentiality is essential to the ministry.

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Sermon Resources

The young pastor must be a preacher! Preaching demands preparation–adequate preparation, Holy Spirit-anointed preparation, preparation that produces spiritual fruit. Such fruit does not just happen. The young preacher absolutely must devote constant attention to sermon preparation. When one sermon is completed, the mind and heart must begin to plan the next message. Attention to sermon preparation and preaching can be divided into four essential categories.

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