Moral Earthquakes

By David Sutton

In 1989, an expectant crowd was listening to the national anthem at beautiful Park in San Francisco. The stadium was filled to capacity, and everyone was there to have a good time watching the Oakland As and the San Francisco Giants compete in game three of the World Series.

About halfway through the national anthem, the ground beneath the stadium began to shake furiously to the shock and dismay of the crowd. Thousands of crazed fans, fearing the stadium might collapse beneath them, stampeded from the stands. In the following moments, all around the San Francisco Bay area, bridges were falling, freeways were wobbling, homes toppling, and entire neighborhoods were set ablaze. […]

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A pastor may hear more confessions than anyone else. It is essential to remember that a successful, fruitful ministry depends upon trust. Once trust has been damaged, it is almost impossible to restore. Confidentiality is essential to the ministry.

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How To Beat Temptation

Ten sure ways to face down life's temptations

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Helping Hurting People

We live in an age burdened by emptiness. Modern day man tires himself out with the trivial, all the while wondering why he is so weary with life.

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Do Money and Marriage Mix?

A survey was made of 100 families, with one of the questions asking, "What is the most common family problem?" Eighty-two out of the 100 stated, "Financial."

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Alone Again

The needs of a quickly expanding population of seniors have created many challenges for American society and government. Veteran editor Bert Tippett tackles the issue head-on with practical advice on how the local church can minister to widows.

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