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Stephen Seeley

Post Date: 12/8/16

Name: Stephen Seeley

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 7044373404


Post a job history and brief resume:

I am 26 years of age, married, and a Senior at Welch College (Online Student). Seeking a full-time pastorite position. I am a licensed minister of the Gospel. Passionate about church growth, spiritual growth, and academic achievement. I accepted the calling to preach the Gospel in 2014 and have been called to become a pastor. I hope that you will seek God’s will through prayer as you consider me for the current ministry position.

Welch College
2014-currently enrolled
BS: Theological Studies, General Christian Ministry

President’s List
Provost List
GPA: 4.0

Part time youth pastor (Canaan FWB)
May 2016 – Present
• Preach Wednesday night youth services
• Teach teen Sunday School class
• Plan one event per month
• Plan fundraisers
• Run van route
• Preach once a month for pastor

Intern Youth Pastor (Goshen FWB)
Summer 2014- Summer 2015
• Lead Wednesday night youth group service.
• Planned open gyms, outings, fundraisers with youth group
• Organized a summer basketball team
• Prepared devotions for all youth activities
• Focused on spiritual growth and successfully grew youth group during my time as intern youth pastor

James “Brother Jim” Holbrook

Post Date: 11/7/16

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 620-886-5338


Post a job history and brief resume:

Pastor James “Brother Jim” Holbrook
Senior Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary Evangelist
Post Office Box 44, Medicine Lodge, KS 67104
Cell Ph (580) 258-0459 / Home Ph (620) 886-5338

Greetings of joy in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

Brother Jim here,

As a pastor, missionary, and evangelist, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have been blessed with various opportunities to serve our Lord in multiple areas of ministry.

* Date of Birth: 1957-01-29 Beaufort, SC (Marine Duty Station)
* States Raised: South Carolina & West Virginia
* Children’s Church: 1958-1963 Free Will Baptist Church, Lyburn, WV
1964-1968 Port Royal Baptist Church, Port Royal, SC
* Salvation (born again): 1969 NAZ-Teen Bible Church, Port Royal, SC
* Baptized (immersion): 1973 Beaufort Baptist Church, Beaufort, SC

* Married & Date: Veda I Holbrook / October 15, 1980 (36 years)
* Children: Jonathan (32) / Sarah (30) / David (24) / Hannah (15)

* 1993 Source of Light Bible Institute: Madison, GA – (Baptist / Bible Ministry Certification: Bt.C)
* 1987 Atlantic Shores Bible Institute: Beaufort, SC – (Baptist / Bible Ministry Certification: Bt.D)
* 1982 Appalachian Bible College: Beckley, WV – (Baptist / Bible Music Ministry Course Studies)
* 1976 Newberry College: Newberry, SC – (CORE, Counselling, Music: Trumpet / Director)
* 1975 Beaufort High School: Beaufort, SC – (HS Diploma, Band Lay-Director & President)

* 1978 Called to Serve: FWB Fellowship, US Navy, New London, CT
* 1988 Ordination (evangelist): Pastor Edward Smalls, Chesterville, ME
* 1998 Ordination (pastor): Pastor Edwin Crawford, Port Clinton, Ohio
* 1978-2016 Years of Service: Pastor-Teacher, Missionary-Evangelist, Church-Planter, etc…

EXPERIENCE (Senior Pastor / Missionary-Evangelist):
* Medicine Lodge, Kansas [ Senior Pastor / Tansitional ]
* Port Clinton, Ohio [ Senior Pastor / Missionary ]
* Front Royal, Virginia [ Senior Pastor / Missionary ]
* Chesterville, Maine [ Associate Pastor / Evangelist ]

EXPERIENCE (Team Mission Church-Planting):
* Beaufort, South Carolina [ Missionary-Evangelist / Church Planter ]
* Madison Heights, Virginia [ Missionary-Evangelist / Church Planter ]
* New Vineyard, Maine [ Missionary-Evangelist / Church Planter ]
* Charleston, South Carolina [ Missionary-Evangelist to Military Servicemen and Wives ]

EXPERIENCE (Presenting and Implementing God’s Bible-Based Vision for His Church):
* SEEK: Prayerfully Seek God’s Specifics for Local and Associational Church Planting-Mission Vision.
* WRITE: Write Out Plainly God’s Specifics for Local and Associational Church Planting-Mission Vision.
* TRAIN: Train Up Teams for God’s Specifics for Local and Associational Church Planting-Mission Vision.
* APPLY: Assist Teams in Implementing God’s Specifics for Church Planting-Mission Vision.

EXPERIENCE (Presenting and Implementing God’s Bible-Based Will for Evamgelism and Discipleship):
* COMPEL: God-Called Disciples and those who seek God’s direction to come forward for preparation.
* PREPARE: Disciples inwardly for practical team ministry and the “Hands-On” Bible training ahead.
* ADVANCE: Disciples to Missionary-Journeyman status, and begin full equipping phase.
* EQUIP: Journeyman for Church-Planting Teams, Mission-Evangelism Centers, and Ministry Outreaches.
* ESTABLISH: Journeyman Church-Planting Teams with Mission-Evangelist and Pastor-Apprentice.
* SEND FORTH: Journeyman as Church Plant Team Members, Mission-Evangelists and Pastor-Apprentices.

EXPERIENCE (Presenting and Implementing Small-Group Ministry, Evangelism Endeavor, Renewal Retreats):
* FOUNDER: Author of Bible-Tech Ministry Training Center Course (in the 4th level stage of development).
* FOUNDER: Author of Church Mission Evangelism Team Course (in the 2nd level stage of development).
* FOUNDER: Renewal Fire Friday Event (Awesome Associational Fellowship for Unity and Vision Stirring).
* FOUNDER: Vineyard of Life Renewal Prayer, Praise and Power Retreat (for Ministers and Layman Families).

As co-laborers of the Lord, I am compelled to humbly request your prayers, as Veda and myself pursue the Lord’s next “Call of Duty” station. Please feel free to share your thoughts as the Lord speaks to you concerning the possibilities of future ministry together… “All for the Glory of the Lord!!”

“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God IN ALL THINGS MAY BE GLORIFIED through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.” (I Peter 4;11)

Come, let us journey together on the greatest adventure of all time… God’s Perfect Will.

Senior Pastor, Missionary Evangelist, Church-Planter, Camp-Retreat Director, Host Speaker, Worship Leader
Ladies Counseling and Fellowship, Youth and Children’s Ministries

Post Office Box 44, Medicine Lodge, KS 67104 – Mobile Phone Number (580) 258-0459 – Home Phone Number (620) 886-5338


Leonidas Anglin

Post Date: 11/7/16

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 314-359-1900


Post a job history and brief resume:

Hello, thanks for reviewing my credentials,

Below you will find a basic resume of general work done over the last 20 years. In addition, I’d like to share the following concerning my background with God and ministry.

In short, I professed Christ as Savior at an early age, after praying for Him to be my Savior. Having been raised within a local Baptist congregation, religious Christianity is all I accepted for many years, until in my late adult years in which I began to realize I needed more.

When I actually prayed with complete understanding and desire to hear His voice, I was directed by Him to leave that place, all religion, simply follow Him, so I did. From that time till now I have been led by Him completely, not according to the traditions of man or any self-righteous way. I was appointed an Apostle back in 2002, recently was led to seek a pastoral position of service within the Missouri area.

By the hearing of His voice I have been directed to aid my brethren in hearing, for many do not have ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying in these last days. As a result, many have a zeal of God, but without knowledge and a form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

Because this condition so deeply grieves and quenches the Holy Spirit, God is seeking those He can send, who will obey His voice directly, who will be trust worthy in relaying the perfect will of God to the masses. And since judgment begins with the house of God, we who claim to believe must certainly prepare for His soon return, allowing Him to make us without spot, wrinkle and blemish.

With this in mind, I ask you – please pray, seek His voice as to whether you should consider my application for pastor. If not for my hiring, please do so for all others you endeavor to pursue, for surely anyone you acquire that is not truly sent by God, may very well become a hinderer to the true work and mission God has for you.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Leonidas Anglin

5950 Lalite Ave.
St. Louis, MO. 63136
314-282-0521: Home
314-359-1900: Cell

January 1997 to June 1997 – Seattle School District & Madrona Middle School – Seattle, Washington. In this task I aided 4th and 5th graders with identifying word sounds, pronunciation and spelling.

1997 to 2007 – First Class Limousine Service: Seattle, Washington. For this company I drove clientel for basic transportation and special events, maintained financial records during driving service.

1990 to 2012 – Hybricorp – (formerly Trinity Services): Seattle, Washington. Self-Employed in Graphic Arts, Marketing, Advertising. Experienced in the use of various graphic soft-ware, such as Corel Draw and it’s various components, MS Word & Note Pad, Front-Page Web Design Program, MS Publisher & Power Point. (Currently available for free-lance services.)

2008 to 2012 – Genesee Hall: Seattle, Washington. Performed various duties including basic building maintenance inside & out. This included minor building repairs, outdoor property cleanliness, indoor mopping, waxing, pest removal.

August 2010 to January 2011 – DePino’s Italian Cafe: Seattle, Washington – Geiseppe Riggano: 206-356-8502. Served in various capacities such as food prep, cook, and serving of Italian cuisine. Also performed additional duties involving cashiering, janitorial maintenance of bathroom, kitchen and dining area, inventory storage, garbage disposal as well as providing assistance to customers for menu, deli and beverage choices.

3/27/13 to 12/17/13 – Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning: 2205 Forte Ct, Maryland Heights, MO. 63043 – 314-770-9999. Performed various duties associated with basic carpet, flooring and furniture services. This included pre-service analysis, prep and other customer service details involved in cleaning and managing customer items.

4/2/2015 to 2/12/2016 – HCR ManorCare Rehab and Rest Home: 1200 Graham Rd. Florissant, MO. 63130 – 314-838-6555. The first two months, I served as a housekeeper performing such duties as sanitizing, dusting, basic cleaning and arranging of resident rooms, facility rooms and offices. Also performed stripping and waxing of tiled flooring, dispensing of garbage, maintaining supply storage, janitorial equipment and tools.
I applied and was hired July 1, 2015 to serve as Maintenance Supervisor. This position entailed inspection, repair & maintenance of all facility operations. This included lawn-care, grounds cleaning and outdoor safety, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, fire safety, sanitation. Maintaining monthly facility records, safety drills and other corporate & State regulations were also a critical part of my responsibility.


1. King County Youth Detention: 206-205-9634 – Juvenile Service Officers – Wil or Terri or Ms. Bell or Patrick, Security Guard; officer Jim Holmes or Mike

2. First Class Limousine: 601-431-2388 – Gloria Betton

3. Genesee Hall: 206-601-7994 – Lew Banchero

4. Stanley Steemer: 314-378-0537 – Bill Dean

5. ManorCare: 314-960-6175 – Kristin Nesser

6. ManorCare: 314-614-8119 – Jackie


1. Lincoln High School – Wallingford District, Seattle, Washington – Graduated 1979. Subjects studied included: Language Arts, Physical Ed., Arts & Crafts, Sports, History, Music, Social Studies.

2. Seattle Central Community College – Broadway Ave & Pike St., Seattle, Washington – completed 1 year of course study toward a 2 year Associates Degree in Architecture. Subjects studied included: Basic Architectural Design, Calculus, Algebra, Business Management.

3. Washington Technical Institute – Belltown, Seattle, Washington – Graduated 1981 with certificate of completion. Subjects studied included: Commercial Art & Design for graphic imagery, text and marketing.



Eric Weeks

Post Date: 10/4/16

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 731-453-4725


Post a job history and brief resume:

Personal Profile

Dedicated Christian in spreading the Gospel and teaching God’s Word. Good time management skills. Make well organized lessons and sermons, with PowerPoints if needed. Have taught Sunday school for teenagers for 6 years, and adult Sunday school for 4 years. Have worked with and as Youth Director for 6 years. Have the zeal to preach the truth of the Word by the means of scripture, History, and Christian Apologetics. Dedicated to work with the flock, and to teach, exhort, reprove, and build up the church through the love of Christ. Dedicated in the importance of the Great Commission, to make sure the Church is doing whatever it can possible to further the Gospel. Dedicated to the importance of family and biblical marriage, (I am married and have 1 child). Dedicated in making sure there are no wolfs within the church and the truth is the only thing being taught. Pastored Plummer’s Chapel Free Will Baptist Church.

Professional Experience

Sunday School Teacher 2010-2016
 Taught teen Sunday school at Solitude Free Will Baptist Church for 6 years. Taught adult Sunday school for 4 years at Solitude Free Will Baptist Church.
Youth Assistant and Director 2010-2016
 Taught with the youth group for 6 years. Included planning events, doing fundraisers, etc.
 Ministered at Middle Tennessee State University for 2 and a half years. This consisted of open air preaching, giving to the need, sitting down with new Christians and preaching, teaching to them. Gave support to other brothers and sisters who were being persecuted. Washed the Saint’s feet an administered communion. Taught unbelievers with the help of Apologetics and the Word that God is real, and Christ is Lord.
Preaching 2012-
 Opened air preached at Middle Tennessee State University for 2 and a half years. Total years of preaching at many other places is 4 years.


Free Will Baptist Association- Tennessee River
 Ordained Preacher Through the Tennessee River Association.
Jackson State Community College – Jackson, TN
 A.S. Criminal Justice, 5/5/2012
Middle Tennessee State University-Murfreesboro, TN
 B.A. in History with focus in religious study, and minor in Psychology, 12/13/2014


Donald Raymond Viers

Post Date: 9/28/16

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type Full Time

Phone Number 7344763357


Post a job history and brief resume

Rev. Donald R. Viers
5066 Lisa Ct, Trenton, MI 48183
Cell Phone: (734)476-3357

Serve as Lead Pastor of a Free Will Baptist Church where Jesus Christ is the reason for gathering together and my experience in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and Biblically solid relevant teaching can be utilized to further the goals that Christ has established for His church.

• Date of Birth: August 26, 1976
• Born & Raised: Ypsilanti, MI
• Salvation & Baptism: at age 12 / I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ in 1999
• Married & Date: Cindy L. Viers / March 25, 1995 (21 years)
• Children: Taryn – daughter (age 20) / Jesse – son (age 14) / Shaylee – daughter (age 7)

• Washtenaw Intermediate School Ann Arbor, MI General Education Diploma / Graduated 1994
• D6 Conference (Family, Marriage, Leadership, Discipleship) Frisco, TX – 2012
• C3 Pastor and Leadership Conference, Grapevine, TX : 2009 – 2013
• Grow Leadership & Church Growth Conference, Birmingham, AL – 2012
• Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. Management Training School, Atlanta, GA- 2002
• I.B.E.W Local 17, Detroit, MI – Journeyman Line Clearance Apprenticeship, Completed in 1998
• Davey Institute, Kent, OH – Management Course (Online) Received Certification / Completed 2014

• Licensed Minister (Fellowship Association of Free Will Baptist of MI) Licensed 04/2002
• Ordained Minister(Fellowship Association of Free Will Baptist of MI) Ordained 09/2003
• Over fifteen years in general ministry experience, thirteen of those years as a senior pastor
• Experience in leading a church from struggling and stagnant to strong and reproducing
• Led a congregation into a Biblical way of thinking and conducting themselves in ministry and developed leaders to make an impact for the gospel in the local and global context
• Experience in accounting and leading a church to proper financial practices

Senior Pastor 6/2003 – 5/2015
Community Free Will Baptist Church
Ypsilanti, MI

Overseeing all ministries of the church, prayer and studying God’s Word, seeking God’s direction and vision for the future, developing new and current leaders and working closely with them in establishing and maintaining church ministries, preparing and preaching sermons from God’s word, participating in benevolence ministries, visitation, counseling, and leading the church through construction projects. The most important ministry I have is spiritually leading my wife and children in their walk with Christ and maintaining a strong family foundation.

Youth Director
Community Free Will Baptist Church 9/2001 – 2/2003
Ypsilanti, MI

Worked under the direction and leadership of the Pastor, in seeking God’s will in establishing a vision and philosophy for student ministries, discipling the youth of the church through wisdom, discernment, compassion and love. Planned, coordinated, and oversaw activities for teens to promote fun, fellowship, spiritual development, and ministry and outreach involvement.

• Michigan State Mission Board Member 5/2009 – Present

• Chairman of Presbytery Board 02/2007 – 4/2015
Fellowship Association of Free Will Baptist of Michigan

• Assistant Treasurer for Local Association 02/2011 – 4/2015
Fellowship Association of Free Will Baptist

• Treasurer for Local Association 02/2009 – 02/2011
Fellowship Association of Free Will Baptist

• Chairman of Michigan State Master’s Men Board 05/2005 – 5/2009

Supervisor / Utility Consultant / Work Planner
Davey Tree Expert 02/2014 – Present
1500 N. Mantua St. Kent, OH 44240

Provide daily crew supervision and line clearing tree trimming services for major electric utility providers. Managed daily operations with 8 crews, totaling 20 employees. Managed equipment and oversaw the proper maintenance, preparation and operation of all tools and equipment. Responsible for planning and executing the assigned work and tasks. Managed weekly payroll, daily production, meeting monthly goals, and building and maintaining good working relationships with Utility and the Union. Also

Community Manager 05/2004 – 10/2005
RHP Staffing Company & The Timberlands
Manufactured Home Community – Farmington Hills, MI

Managed daily operations of manufactured home community of 200 rental sites. Responsible for collection of monthly rent, overseeing evictions, daily accounting and book keeping, managing maintenance staff, providing leadership to residents, sales, and processing rental applications.

Administrative Clerk & Election Precinct Chairperson 04/2003 – 3/2004
Ypsilanti Township Clerks Office Ypsilanti, MI

Under the direction of the Township Clerk, maintained vital records, processed voter registration applications, addressed community needs, worked on community issues and helped organize and lead residents and Community leaders on issues facing the community. Managed front desk and township resident inquiries, served at the pleasure of the Township Clerk.

Precinct Chairperson – Managed opening and closing of the voting precinct along with voting process throughout the day, oversaw the election inspectors, certified election vote totals and transported all final ballots and certified results to local Clerk’s office.

Inventory Control Manager 09/2000 – 01/2002
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. Livonia, MI

Managed the Inventory Control Department of repossessed homes recovered by the lending institution. Responsible for meeting monthly goals, marketing current inventory, assessing homes to determine necessary repairs, determined retail or wholesale on homes, marketed homes to dealers, reduced aged inventory, managed recovery goals throughout, managed the repair cost and contractors, processed all bills, handled all pricing of homes and worked with underwriting, managed a team of two and co-managed a team of 9 staff.


• Pastor Mike Trimble – Lead Pastor
Kirby Free Will Baptist Church
Flat Rock, MI
Mobile Number: 734-934-6453

• Pastor Eric Puschmann – Lead Pastor
Rejoice Church
2518 Una-Antioch Pike
Antioch, TN 37013
Mobile Number: 615-887-9258

• Pastor Rex Evans – Senior Pastor
Freedom Free Will Baptist Church
4516 NC-125, Halifax, NC 27839
Mobile Number: 734-787-7513

• Rev Gene Norris – Michigan State Free Will Baptist Promotional Director
4166 Maplewood Meadows Ave,
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Mobile Number: 586-994-8442


James A. Watters

Post Date: 9/22/16

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 931-247-8273


Post a job history and brief resume:

Ordained FWB pastor with 17 years preaching (evangelistic in style) experience. Desiring a congregation serious about God’s Word, doing things God’s Way, and accomplishing God’s Work. A congregation that desires the well prepared message of the hour. Not interested in playing church or playing games. I am not a men pleaser. Please serious inquires only. May God’s will be done in your search.


Darrell Austin Clark

Post Date: 7/25/16

Name: Darrell Austin Clark

What position are you seeking? Youth Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 6107802192


Post a job history and brief resume:

1036 Reading Ave. Birdsboro, PA 19508

Experienced pastoral candidate with seven years of ministry service in a variety of capacities. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Studious and hard working in the ministry of the Word. Driven by a passion to fulfill the Great Commission mandate.

• Pulpit Ministry/Expository Preaching
• Church Education

• Pastoral Ministry
• Administration and Organization

Associate Pastor, 05/2014 to Current
Exeter Bible Church

• As of 1/10/16 – currently serve as one of the preaching pastors due to senior and executive pastor’s resignation
• Serve as Minister to Students grades 7th-12th: Conduct weekly worship services for students (Wed.); Organize all youth events: camps, outings, mission’s trips; teach HS Sunday School class
• Work with Parents/Youth Council team in yearly planning
• Oversee the operations of the Youth budget
• Recruit and train volunteers to work in youth ministry
• Network with other youth workers in the community
• Serve as Children’s Ministry Administrator (nursery – 6th grade) : Oversee all aspects of Christian education from nursery to high school graduation. Organize Children’s services during weekly Worship Service, provide oversight and guidance through planning with children’s ministry workers
• Organized Sunday Morning Worship service:
served as liaison between Senior Pastor and Media/Sound teams; work in tandem with Administrative Assistant on media presentations

• Other duties, not limited to: Regular Preaching during worship services

• Currently involved in the transition of two independent congregations merging into one.

Youth Pastor, 11/2011 to 08/2014
Grace FWB Church – Louisa, VA

• Started Children’s Ministry at Grace Church – 8yrs old – high school. Implemented bi-monthly youth services for teens.
• Taught Teen Sunday School

• Organized all youth gatherings and events:
Served as camp counselor for yearly summer camp, Started regular chapel services at Grace Christian Academy
• Saw growth from 8 to 30 kids in service
• Instituted summer youth program (birth – 5th grade) for Wednesday nights

Associate Pastor of Youth, 02/2009 to 07/2010
Shady Grove FWBChurch – Durham, N.C.

• Worked as Youth pastor while finishing undergrad and beginning seminary.

• Served as Music leader and worship coordinator for traditional worship service

• Planned all youth events – both children’s and teens.
Organized church outreach functions – Light the Night (Halloween), Easter Eggstravaganza, etc.

Master of Arts: Theological Studies, May 2014
Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary – 3.89 GPA

Bachelor of Arts: Bible/Pastoral Ministries, May 2009
Gateway Christian College -
3.6 GPA

Dr. Robert “Bob” Sloan, Interim Pastor of Exeter Bible Church, 267-664-8163

Karl Sexton; Homiletics Professor, former Pastor of Gateway Church – 912-347-7558

John Austin; Pastor of Grace FWB Church – 804-301-5416


Jerry Hopper

Post Date: 7/11/16

Name: Jerry Hopper

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 870-654-5107


Confirm email:

Post a job history and brief resume:

I have been in the ministry since 2008. In 2013 I was licensed and ordained by my local FWB association. I have been married for 17 years and we homeschool our children. Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email if you have any questions. I have references or a resume with points of interest available upon request.

Job History
2008-2013 Pastoral fill-in and evangelist
2013-2015 Associate Pastor at Eureka Springs FWBC – Eureka Springs, AR
2015-2016 Pastor at Macedonia FWBC – New Edinburg, AR


Jeff Necessary

Post Date: 6/13/16

Name: Jeff Necessary

What position are you seeking? Pastor

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 423-525-5961


Post a job history and brief resume:

I am seeking a pastoral position. I have been preaching for 20 years. I pastored the same FWB church for 13 years and am currently the assistant moderator of the FWB association that I am ordained through. I also have 3-4 years chaplaincy experience and 4 years experience as a psychotherapist. God has blessed me with a solid education. I have earned the following degrees:

BS in Psychology
MA in Theology
MA in Counseling
MA in Christian Counseling

If requested, I am happy to send a formal resume. However, due to privacy concerns of my references, I would prefer not to post my references’ personal contact information on a public forum. I am married and have 2 sons, 7 and 10 years old. If interested in my overall preaching style, please go to and type in my name, Jeff Necessary, and a dozen or so messages should become available. Please pray for me and my family that God will place us where He would have us to minister.

May God guide and direct you in your pastoral search.
Bro. Jeff Necessary


Rev. Dr. Mark Taylor

Post Date: 6/7/16

Job Type: Full Time

Phone Number: 217-474-2818


Post a job history and brief resume:
Dr. Mark Taylor
701 Perrysville Rd
Danville, IL 61834
Phone: 217-474-2818


My objective is to return to the ministry with a full time permanent position in which I can utilize my skills and abilities as a previous pastor and Director of Church Planting

Pastor/Church Planting Director Free Methodist Church 1986 – 2014
-Spent the last 26 years revitalizing and planting churches across the country. Preparing demographics, identifying leaders, training pastors and reorganizing leadership structures.
Heritage Behavioral Health, Decatur, Illinois & Children’s Ark, Colorado 1998 – 2003
-SASS Coordinator for that county. Preformed suicide assessments on children and teens who where under the state supervision.
-Child Therapist. Preformed individual and family counseling with behavioral disorders.
-Children’s Ark – Counseling for children and teens that were placed in residential facilities for severe behavioral disorders.

Psy.D Southwest Seminary, Jennings LA 1997 – 1999
Studied child psychology centering mainly on children at risk with behavioral and emotional issues.
BA & MA Lael University and Christian Bible College & Seminary 1990 – 1996
Studied Counseling Theory and Techniques.
Mental Health Assessments. Individual and Family Therapy. Suicide Assessment. Proficient Computer.

Bob Janes 217-273-4100
Dick Frankson 847-338-7253
Mike Albano 847-989-2001